Blackwater is the Yglesias Fantasy

I’m with Charles Davis on this one. I suppose it may a point of debate whether mockery or utter disdain should be hurled at Yglesias’ suggested synergy of a quasi-military federal force that would be both on loan to the US Military abroad as a police/security force for US occupation and to the local yokel cops here at home as a new adjunct to domestic “crime fighting.”

I have chuckle at the Progressive critique of libertarianism–that it is utopian and fails to take in account how the world actually works–when you read drivel like this. If Yglesias would have written this tripe back in 2004, I could have predicted that his “gendarmes” would wind up being Blackwater(or at least Blackwater being an important part of an “gendarmes” cartel). But it’s 2011 now, and it’s no longer a matter of prediction since Blackwater, for a number of years, has functioned in a domestic capacity: (1) the war on drugs and (2) the training of local police Departments.

The only thing worse than being stupid is being stupid and incompetent.

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