Tunisia: “The First WikiLeaks Revolution”

Unfortunately, I haven’t been keeping up with the news the past week because I’ve boycotted the cultural war “24 hours of hate” propaganda being broadcast by the largely Pravda American media. So, I missed out on the rapid developments via a vis the Tunisian revolution until after the fact. Here are the apparent facts: a revolt triggered by an unemployed university graduate who set himself on fire as a form of suicidal protest after the Tunisian government seized his “fruit stand,” which was his only means of support, for selling fruit “without a license,” has now metastasized into a full-blown revolution. The Tunisian dictator,Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, has now fled the country for political sanctuary in Saudi Arabia.

The rapid pace of revolutionary events in Tunisia has been attributed to WikiLeaks casting sunlight(or gasoline, if you prefer; I will leave it up to the reader to choose the more appropriate noun) on the utterly corrupt Tunisian Political Economy. Hillary Clinton’s attempt to save the Ben Ali regime by faxing Ben Ali a copy of the quintessential Bill Clinton stand-by, “I Feel Your Pain” speech, unfortunately, for the American State Department, failed to save the day.

While American politicos swooned over Obama’s ‘Unity of Purpose of the Political Class’ speech in Tuscon, foreign activist/journalists, who actually have to grapple with empirical reality of the American Political Class, take a bit of a different view regarding the “enhancement of Obama’s Serious Presidential Material.”

From Foreign Policy Journal

Human rights organizations have constantly condemned and exposed the brutality of the Ben Ali regime but that has not led America and European leaders to intervene or put pressure on the regime to stop the brutality.

Sadly, it serves western interests to have a people brutalized and subjugated.

Now Tunisia is minus one dictator but it is still in a state of emergency. The next few days and weeks are going to be crucial for the Tunisian people who deserve freedom and liberty. My God, they’ve paid for it with their own blood and we must always remember their martyrs.

None of the politicians, secret police or other odious government forces will emerge from this period with any honor and quite a few are already cowering in the shadows.

But perhaps the biggest show of cowardice in this whole sorry episode has come from The White House.

Not one word of condemnation, not one word of criticism, not one word urging restraint came from Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton as live ammunition was fired into crowds of unarmed men, women and children in recent weeks.

And news of the corrupt, mafia-like regime would not have come as a surprise to either of them. We know this thanks to the Wikileaks cables written by US Ambassador Robert Godec who revealed in one memo: “Corruption in the inner circle is growing.”

But, as the injustices and atrocities continued there was not one squeak from the most powerful nation on earth … until America’s dear friend, Ben Ali had scuttled from the country.

The reality is the US Administration likes dealing with tyrants and even encourages despotic behavior. Egypt is one of the biggest testaments to this with its prisons full of political opposition leaders. Hosni Mubarak is Uncle Sam’s enforcer and biggest recipient of aid next to the Zionist State.

Pakistan’s treatment of its own people is little better. Remember when US Ambassador Anne Patterson in Islamabad wrote in one Wikileaks cable about the human rights abuses carried out by the Pakistan military? Patterson then went on to advise Washington to avoid comment on these incidents.

But now the US has made a comment on the situation in Tunisia … but only when Ben Ali was 30,000 feet in the air did White House spokesman Mike Hammer issue a statement which read: “We condemn the ongoing violence against civilians in Tunisia, and call on the Tunisian authorities to fulfill the important commitments … including respect for basic human rights and a process of much-needed political reform.”

Unbelievable. Too little, too late, Mr President. Actually that statement could have been uttered any time during the last US presidencies since Ronald Reagan.

But as I say, America couldn’t give a stuff about the human rights of the people of the Maghreb, Pakistan, Egypt and Palestine to name but a few.

WikiLeaks and defiant direct action accomplished in one week what a decade of military intervention by the US in the Middle East could not. Of course, this paradox is only a paradox if you under the delusion that American Imperialism serves the interests of “democracy.”

And now you why the American media class has not embraced “WikiLeaks.” This supposed “conundrum ” is about as much a puzzle as why Ben Ali didn’t embrace Wikileaks. It threatens the Status Quo; indeed, it makes a mockery of the Status Quo. For those who continue to maintain that Wikileaks “tells us nothing new” and is thus inconsequential, the comedy is becoming Monty Python absurd. But Monty Python is for cynical adults. It takes a child to see it as a Hans Christian Andersen morality play: those trillions the Emperor spent on his new clothes meticulously weaved for decades by the “best tailors” bought nothing but a birthday suit.

Finally, there are media reports that the hacktivist “Anonymous” may have played a role in the revolution via it’s “Operation Tunisia”: (1) DDoS attacks against Tunisian government websites (2) aiding Tunisian dissidents/activists to protect their online anonymity with respect to using “social media” channels for communication.

I will look into these claims and will file a report in my next edition of “Wikileaks Watch.”

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