Only a crazy person would bother to waste the ammo

I’m “borrowing” the title of my post from a blog entry at Stop Me Before I Vote Again:

Now I don’t approve of shooting legislators. Don’t get me wrong. Hell, I wouldn’t even shoot Joe Lieberman. There’s no point. They just go find another one, without missing a beat, and the supply seems to be endless. That’s why only a crazy person would bother to waste the ammo — if politics really had anything to do with it.

I’m in full agreement, only adding that I would never support anything, strategically or tactically, that would so obviously result in sympathy for the political class.

These acts of political violence bring out the cultural war in full force. No sooner than they occur, the usual suspects are immediately out in full force divining which side of the cultural war the shooter is on. Quoting Michael J. Smith, again:

More broadly in the pwoggienet, there seems to be universal agreement — based on what, I don’t know, other than wishful thinking — that the shooter must have been some Teabagger type. And of course this has fuelled a new torrent of brownshirts-on-the-march garment-rending and hair-tearing from the usual Chicken Littles.

My armchair powers of divination tell me that this guy, like most of the types that commit these acts, are not on any side of the cultural war. So I would laugh at the idea that this was an act inspired by a Sarah Palin poster. As far as “Tea Party” rhetoric creating a “Climate of Violence” that necessitates censorship and gun control, I would counter that it is the State, specifically the National Security State, that has a far greater interest in fomenting and securing a “climate of violence and fear.” It’s good for business.

I must say I’m a bit disappointed to see a petition showing up in the left Libertarian Feed to indict Sarah Palin. Fine, but every politician should likewise be indicted. Left Libertarianism is class war; it is not the fucking cultural war.

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