When Social Democracy Blows a Raspberry

Running on a platform of “anarcho-surrealism” and “transparent corruption,” Iceland’s “Best Party” won a “stunning” victory in the capital city of Reykjavik’s local elections, securing the largest percentage of votes (34.7%) and capturing six of the 15 seats on the city council. The six-month-old party is led by comedian, Jón Gnarr, who apparently is one of Iceland’s more popular comedians. The “Best Party” displaces the unpopular ruling coalition of consisting of the Social Democratic Alliance and the Left-Green Movement.

Here’s a post I found that relays a bit of background behind the rise of the Best Party. Below is the “party video.”

I’m not really joking when suggesting that US Libertarian Party should just dispense with the formalities of trying to be respectable, particularly in terms of cloaking itself in the nonsense of “constitutional conservatism,” and just start recruiting comedians to spread the message. I would recommend that the LP delete it’s current blasé, compromised platform and just put a youtube gallery of Doug Stanhope, for example along the lines I outlined a couple of years ago at Freedom Democrats. Now that’s a platform…and it would doubly serve the purpose of driving out all the conservatives, sending them back to the Republican party, where they belong. I think a LP ticket of Stanhope and Tommy Chong would be awesome. It certainly can’t be worse than the uninspiring results that have been the norm so far…

“Relevant Libertarianism”

Well, Bob one thing I assume about your speech is that James Bovard didn’t write it. It’s not often I read speech that lays out the case for a watered-down platform of constitutional conservatism based on articulating the long-running failures of just such a constitutionally limited government. I would say it’s time to quite obsessing over the chronic, degenerative arthritis that’s afflicting the knees of Rand’s Atlas, and just shoot him. Time to put the myth out of it’s misery.

I’m all for a plain, brief platform to convey a “relevant libertarianism.” Here it is:

  • The Rule of Law is a myth. 200 plus years of American jurisprudence has resulted in everyone being guilty of committing multiple federal crimes every day. It’s arbitrary who gets prosecuted. Pray to your god that you don’t become the object of interest of an aggressive, career-seeking prosecutor.
  • The primary purpose of the State is to “legally sanction” the transfer of wealth of one group to another. Economic science demonstrates that groups politically competing to steal your money and wealth results in an overall reduction of the standard of living for everyone
  • You health care costs are so high because of monopolies in insurance, supply of physicians and care givers, hospitals, patents, all enforced by ever-growing bureaucracies, the sole purpose of such being to perpetuate survival by maximizing red-tape.
  • The purpose of the “social-safety net,” which is financed via taxation on your own labor, is a propaganda tool to keep you from rebelling against the increased monopoly privileges being enacted/conferred by the State
  • The National Security State can’t protect you. The Katrina and BP Oil disasters should be proof enough how impotent big government when it comes to supposedly protecting you. The bigger the government, the more centralized it becomes, the less accountable it becomes.
  • War is health of the State. The American State has now vested itself in the necessity of perpetual war to retain it’s viability. That is, it’s viability is now conditioned upon Empire
  • You will find that the product of your labor is not sufficient, in most cases, to sustain a middle class living any more. This is due to the monopolies of political corporatism. You will need subsidies and credit to survive; but in return you will be required to obey the social controls that inevitably will be attached to the “privileges” of receiving these benefits
  • You think it’s bad now, wait until the next internal terrorist attack
  • Jefferson said: “The government that governs best is the one that governs least.” We libertarians say, quoting Henry David Thoreau, is that “the government the governs the least is the one that governs not at all.” Vote for us, but, it really won’t make much of a difference, and, frankly, most of us anticipate somewhere down the road the Libertarian Party being declared illegal anyways, for promoting propaganda that threatens the national security of the State
  • btw, if we are still around after the next terrorist attack, and you see this platform replaced by a bunch of constitutional conservative drivel, assume we have been infiltrated by the CIA. In the meantime, we still have a bunch of “Party of Principle” bumper stickers available at rock-bottom prices