Libertarian Moment

Actual libertarians–that is, those who take the political economic critique seriously–easily surmised beforehand that the “libertarian moment” would more or less just produce something like the “libertarian case for stop and frisk.” Bonus: self-described “libertarians” apparently now are even more likely to support US military interventionism than those not aligned with the label.

Smells like a Conservative

I suppose the gig is fully up when someone like Phyllis Schlafly declares social conservatism to be the true heir of libertarianism.
Oh, wait.

Libertarian Talk on Fox

By now, I’m sure is aware of the “libertarian slant” that has emerged at the Fox Network, particularly on the Fox Business Channel, which now features two so-called libertarian shows, “Stossel” and “Freedom Watch.” After exactly one broadcast episode, a so-called Tea Summit featuring Bush Statists glossing over their differences with Ron Paul, the likes of Lew Rockwell proclaimed “Freedom Watch” the greatest libertarian show in the history of American Broadcast media. I’m sure Lew was all giddy in noting the irony of Bush statists appearing on show to subject themselves to a Ron Paul litmus test, when, just a couple of years ago, Paul was the ultimate GOP scapegoat when he refused to submit to a Bush litmus test in his famous exchange with Giuliani. But if we are actually going to discuss broadcast achievement, and not Ron Paul worship, then the mantle actually belongs to Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!, which has been on Showtime since 2003, is Showtime’s longest running series ever, has become one of the longest running premium cable series ever, while achieving worldwide acclaim… all the while featuring guests across the libertarian spectrum.

Penn & Teller should do a show on Tea Party Bullshit. Trust me, you won’t see Rand Paul or Sarah Palin appearing as guests on that show…