Public Choice and The Firm

Some readers may be interested in this little exchange I had with Charles Rowley a few weeks back. Admittedly, I started the commentary with a bit of a snarky entrance, asking how the “Dean of Public Choice” could allow his heart to be captured and uplifted by a politician’s speech(more precisely, the speech of a […]

Anarchism and The Firm

This recent piece, Corporate Personhood, Limited Liability, and Double Taxation, is not Stephan Kinsella’s finest hour. The piece is riddled with problems and inaccurate representations. Let’s begin by defining our terms, particularly with respect to this thing “left-libertarianism” which seems to be a perpetual bone of contention with Kinsella. In many respects, the political adjectives […]

The Incontrovertible Firm

“How Disclosed NSA Programs Protect Americans, and Why Disclosure Aids Our Adversaries” The official title of the recent and rare public US House Select Committee on Intelligence oversight hearing of the NSA For the past three years, I have used this blog as a forum(to an admittedly limited readership) to rail against the security state. […]

Roberts Affirms the Total State Model

Yesterday, the Roberts court affirmed the Obama defense of the so-called “Affordable Care Act.” To me, it is not a particularly surprising result. Two years ago, I noted that the Obama Admin’s principal argument relied on the classification of the mandate as a tax and that the legislation–all 2000 pages plus–was carefully crafted to categorize […]

Is the DOJ Essentially Now a Data Laundering Operation?

In a recent interview with Democracy Now, Julian Assange(starting at around the 29:00 mark) made a particularly salient observation regarding the current DOJ surveillance ignominy involving the AP and Fox News: the NSA already had the data. The DOJ “investigation” was not an investigation per se, but rather a “data laundering operation” to “cleanse” the […]