Twenty Fourteen

“Nothing wrong…nothing to hide…nothing to fear”

In The Homeland umbrellas marked with a serial number that began with “CX” were permitted but those marked with “DX” were forbidden as terrorist contraband. However, the entire situation was confounded by the simple fact that the following week it would suddenly be the “DX” umbrellas that were permitted and the CX umbrellas that were banned. Most simply adapted to Uncle Exceptional’s fluid field algorithmics by refraining from using umbrellas on rainy days. But walking in the rain w/o an umbrella had been listed by the State psychiatric unit as a key alert point indicating possible manic depressive,immediately triggering an elevation status for increased surveillance by Uncle Exceptional’s security organ appariti…

from Emmanuel Goldstein’s Twenty Fourteen,a dystopian fiction bootleg favored by the proles in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four


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