FBI Resolves Question of Totalitarian State

No one is beyond the reach of the FBI. We will find you.

FBI statement on the arrest of radical libertarian, Dread Pirate Roberts

Periodically, the question of the US as a totalitarian police state is taken up by respectable company that unfailingly use the open consideration of the question itself as immediate evidence to the contrary. Indeed, those who may argue the point are often dismissed as undesirable rift-raft endangering libertarian respectability among the people who count.

But I think the FBI perhaps has finally put this debate to rest. They obviously view themselves as having totalitarian power and authority to the point of openly bragging about it. Given the current context of NSA revelations, this type of braggadocio illustrates a state apparatus quite comfortable with a perceived reality that either no one cares or there is not a god damned thing they can do about it if they do.

So, as they say, straight from the horses mouth.

Next question…


2 thoughts on “FBI Resolves Question of Totalitarian State

  1. I’m reading an interesting book right now — “Iron Curtain: the crushing of Eastern Europe”. The Soviets actually conducted a round of mostly free elections after occupying Eastern Europe. However, when their lackeys lost, they basically just threw out the results. Even when they were allowing the superficially free political process to occur, they were establishing secret police forces that guaranteed their control over the state.

    1. Hey, man:

      this was sort of a rhetorical post aimed at those who claim it harms the libertarian cause to identify the US as any type of police state(e.g., BHL). So I borrowed the woody allen device in annie hall and went straight to the horses mouth.

      Their PR makes it quite clear they view themselves as having total jurisdiction over every square inch of the globe. It is the old Marshall McLuhan gag. They’ve answered the question.

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