WikiLeaks: Bitcoin will be Revolutionary

Wikileaks tweet:

Namecoin and Bitcoin will be revolutionary see “Orwell’s Dictum”

The “dictum” Assange is referring to:
Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past

WikiLeaks + Bitcoin=the weapon…

3 thoughts on “WikiLeaks: Bitcoin will be Revolutionary

  1. I’ll be interested to read any of your thoughts regarding Namecoin. If I understand the reference to Orwell, the point is that NameCoin will make it harder for authorities to cause information to disappear from the internet. In that case, the purpose of NameCoin is to provide a stable (and easy to remember) pointer to a person’s publication (or whatever website that person wants to direct traffic to).

    Having only read that introductory page that you pointed us to, I have a lot of questions about how this works. The main barrier to my understanding is probably that I’m not all that familiar with the infrastructure for BitCoin, so I can probably learn more by looking into BitCoin more closely.

    Anyway, if you are thinking about writing more about NameCoin, I’ll offer the following questions:

    1) Is it ready for prime-time? Are you planning to start using it?
    2) Do you think it can reach critical mass quickly? My impression is that this could expand much more quickly than BitCoin.
    3) How is the network infrastructure going to be maintained (i.e. who provides the DNS servers)? Are servers rewarded in NameCoins for translating names to IPs?
    4) For the sake of propaganda, can you provide information about sympathetic victims of DNS confiscation (I know you’ve discussed this in the past). Off the top of my head, the main targets that I think of are pornographers and copiers (i.e pirates). Would NameCoin help to circumvent political censorship?
    5) Finally, what exactly is the benefit of NameCoin. I have my impressions (given above), but it would nice to have a description from an expert. I did a google search, and it did not reveal any sort of purpose statement for the project.

    Thanks. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Bitcoin
      I believe Assange sees the value in Bitcoin as a possible way to circumvent soft-censorship, which is what the US engages in. Soft-censorship, of course, is controlling the financial intermediaries to prevent or severely restrict any monetary support for “unapproved speech.”

      I’m not really that familiar with Namecoin, but I would think of it as more as an ICAAN alternative than a replacement for DNS per se. In other words, for a top-level domain like .bit, which is not part of ICAAN, but a p2p TLD, namecoin would replace the registrars in terms of the mechanism of “registering” domains.

  2. On the topic of “sympathetic victims”… I just remembered Wikileaks… but that was a DDOS, right? Or was there some action at the DNS level?

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