Class Warfare: “Worth Every Penny”

Obama, on “60 Minutes,” asserted that anyone who doubted the justice of his “execution” of Bin Laden deserved to have their head examined. Well, I doubt the “justice” of it. And here’s why I don’t deserve to have my head examined.

I don’t deserve to have my head examined because I deal in empirical reality. Part of that is the ability to make predictions. Way back before Obama was elected president, I predicted he would be Bush’s third term. Of course, this was a common prediction among libertarians. Hardly unique. Of course, this prediction has been splendidly confirmed. And no greater confirmation than this recent White House press conference.

Q And then, thirdly, the National Journal said recently that the overall cost of tracking down and eliminating bin Laden now was over $3 trillion.

MR. CARNEY: I have no idea about that estimate, but I think most Americans would feel that it was worth every penny.

Thank you very much.

This is taking full ownership of the entire Bush foreign policy. Well, actually, taking full ownership of the Cheney Unitary Executive Foreign Policy.

A rational person would ask why a US President would order the execution, and not the capture, of a figure who could prove vital as information source in the only actual WMD attack against the US, an attack that occurred simultaneously with 9-11 The US justifies it’s involvement in Pakistan based largely on the threat of al-qaeda + WMD. This is actually “the great existential threat” that justifies the WOT. It would seem clear that if the ISI was “protecting” Bin Laden, this would be a clear A-1 priority reason to capture the guy.

This ability to think in empirical reality is why I could write about the nonsense of executing Bin Laden in the context of the Anthrax attacks 4 days before some Obama Admin lackey fed David Corn a Pakistan-al Qaeda-Anthrax rationale for executing Bin Laden. Of course, in empirical reality, that kind of connection is why you would want to capture him; in DoubleThink reality, that kind of connection is why you execute him, in the name of “fighting an intelligence war.”

Those who live in empirical reality have the ability to distinguish between the culture war and class war. It’s then trivial to predict people like Ed Schultz, who can be described as a mix between Ernest Angley and Rush Limbaugh, admonishing Nashville to retread a republican anthem for the glory of Obama.

It may be your world, boss, but it doesn’t mean we can’t predict it…

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