Atlas “Cha-Ching”

I have never bought into the left-wing Hollywood Conspiracy theory. The idea of left-wing Shakespeare is nonsense. In other words, the theater, as an institution, has more or less retained immunity from “modern dialectics.” The theater is not the University.

In reality, the only apparent “Hollywood Dialectics” in play regarding a project’s “green-light status” is the typical necessity of context being mere pretext for the same love story. The art of “the pitch” is reducing your saga to a love story–in two paragraphs or less. The projects that don’t follow this “dialectical formula” are the ones that have difficulty getting the green light. I imagine even Griffin Mill would be stumped by Atlas Shrugged.

In any event, the “Galt Speech” has already been cinematically depicted on the big screen. And the actor who delivered it managed to win an academy award for his performance. Just in case you need a hint.

One thought on “Atlas “Cha-Ching”

  1. The Incredibles was pretty Randian…. showing that such themes will be developed by fairly large studios.

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