Things I’m afraid of, things I’m not afraid of

Writes Pulitzer-Prize winning cartoonist Tom Toles:

You can wish all you want to be left alone to live your life free of the heated breath of big government, but come on, get rid of government and what you’ll be feeling is the heated breath of ever-larger corporations and the forces of globalization. Look around. You don’t raise your own food on the family farm or tan your own leather anymore. There are huge forces sloshing around now, and you aren’t going to be immune from them, no matter HOW loud you turn up your TV. The easy, heady days of the great American rocket ride of postwar America are as over as Leave it to Beaver. Ward Cleaver rule-of-thumbery doesn’t cut it anymore.

I’m not afraid of civilization, of I, Pencil, or I, Toaster.

I’ll tell you what I am afraid of, however. I’m afraid of DoubleThink that always underlies authoritarian governments. DoubleThink is the acceptance of two mutually contradictory beliefs without cognitive dissonance. And I’m seeing it in full display here by Tom Toles. In one cartoon, he editorializes about government captured by elites. In commentary directly below that, he editorializes about the need for an end of ideology and government of elites to run our lives for our own protection.

In other words:

We need elites to guard government against a government of elites

This is Orwellian. Of course, there can be no ideology. The rhetoric needs to be toned down. Chuck Schumer and Tom Coburn need to join hands in conciliation. Unfurl the banners, look at Screen, Dear Leader’s speech, never has such glory been seen.

This is why you have permanent wars, the largest collection of intelligence apparatuses in human history, laws that give privileged status to public officials, domestic spy drones in the hands of Barney Fife, privileged investor classes, and a domestic security gestapo subjecting public travel and assembly to security scans and gropings. And I could go on and on and on….

Is Nineteen Eighty Four a warning or an operations manual?

H/T: b-psycho

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