Right Wing News: “The Entrepreneur as Vile Revolutionary Doctrine”

Apparently, I’m at the cusp of a burgeoning anarcho-libertarian, neo-communist progressive alliance due to my little essay, WikiLeaks: The Revolutionary as Entrepreneur. This according to Right Wing News, which uses my essay as an example of libertarianism giving cover to vile, anti-american revolutionary doctrine.

What’s just barely touched is the effect of WikiLeaks on the continued rise of anti-Americanism in the world. Eli Lake mentions this at the start of the clip, but the point gets lost at the remainder of the discussion. WikiLeaks has tightened the tacit alliance between the anarcho-libertarians and the neo-communist progressives. Nick Gillespie is a respectable guy, but the problem with libertarianism is that its adherents give cover for some of the most vile revolutionary doctrines now gaining increased respectability. See, “WikiLeaks: The Revolutionary as Entrepreneur.” More on that later. Meanwhile see my previous entries, “How Communists Exploit WikiLeaks,” and “Exposing the WikiLeaks/Communist/Media Alliance.”

I always chuckle when conservatives engage in radical politics deconstruction. That’s because “communist conspiracy” is the only tool in their toolbox. It’s almost like a bad parody of a Billy Mays infomercial hawking the “Magic Tool,” the only tool you’ll ever need to get the job done. Got a problem with Julian Assange, well the magic tool “Communist Conspiracy” will take care of that problem for you. Have a problem with “one-sided” media coverage of leaked US cables? Well, the magic tool explains that for you as well: it’s a communist plot. Have a problem with feminists not coming down hard enough on Assange vis a vis the rape allegations? That’s a trivial job for the Magic Tool. It’s simple. Feminism is a neo-Stalinist plot.

So let us dispense with the conservative silliness. There are essentially two points being made in my original essay. One casts the “secrecy vs transparency” argument in terms of the original libertarian(going old school French) “Entrepreneur vs Bureaucrat” paradigm. Ostensibly, no one wants secrecy(or privacy) and transparency to be an either/or issue: that is to say, I doubt many would want live either in a world of complete secrecy or complete transparency. What is the proper balance, and how should it be regulated? The libertarian casts it’s lot with the depoliticized Free Market and the Entrepreneur as regulating agent in such a system over the Bureaucrat enforcing economic “special pleading” in Political Economy.

The second point addresses the “revolutionary aspect” of the Entrepreneur in terms of how a political economy of permanent war incentivized by public choice is expected to react. Call me “anti-American” if you will, but the more accurate characterization would be anti-“American Exceptionalism.” That may very well end up being a crime in America, but that potential eventuality would only be demonstrating my point. In the end, the libertarian case is not going to be made by the exaltation of obscure manifestos or essays, but rather by the plain and utterly obvious corruption of political economy itself. Statist defense of this corruption vis a vis American Exceptionalism is the hanging rope. The destiny of American Exceptionalism hits the rocks worldwide when “anti-American” becomes synonymous with “anti-Corruption.” Believe me, Americans will be the last to know.

Exceptionalism, indeed…

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