WikiLeaks Watch 12/24/2010

Technical Update

WikiLeaks has once again updated the name server data for the domain at their registrar, The new name servers are NS100.DYNADOT.COM,NS101.DYNADOT.COM. A Nslookup on the domain against these authoritative name servers returns a new address,, which is owned by ServInt. ServInt is headquartered in McLean, Virginia and is a tier 3 provider with datacenters in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA. The new web host, however, is configured similarly to the previous one, in that is still simply redirecting web requests for to is still being hosted by in Russia) .

The interesting tidbit here is that the new hosting provider, although still serving as merely a redirector, is basically next door to CIA headquarters.

I continue to maintain that with regards to the availability of the domain, Wikileaks is playing political games. The changes in the journalist model(relying on traditional organizations for distribution) and the suspension of using the website for document submissions, affords the organization the opportunity to use the website for symbolic, political propaganda purposes. I can’t think of a more obvious way to confirm this than by WikiLeaks choosing a provider next door to the CIA. In addition, ServInt, last year, made some news when it objected to a Rachel Maddow Segment that featured Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing suggesting that content providers use offshore hosting because of such things as DMCA.

Another game…


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