WikiLeaks Watch 12/23/2010

(Updated Below)

EFF Reports that Softlayer Technologies has forced a hosting reseller,SiteGroud, in it’s Dallas Datacenter to shut down a WikiLeaks mirror of a client on the pretext of avoiding DDoS attacks. The interesting tidbit here is that Softlayer Technologies is the hosting provider, either directly or via a reseller, of before the domain was seized) that has been in news due to the DHS/ICE domain seizures. This new information would seem to confirm that DHS has made no effort to directly shut down the operation of the torrent-finder website; otherwise, it is fairly obvious that Softlayer would have happily complied with such a request.

Traceroute queries indicate that Softlayer’s network is a Tier 2 peering provider.

Yesterday, Julian Assange was interviewed by Cenk Uygur on MSNBC and responded to charges of being a “terrorist” with a lengthy deconstruction of the definition of terrorism and concluding that it was the US Government who was actually guilty of this charge. He called Huckabee and Palin idiots and examples of “shock jock” politicians. Assange, however, several times praised the American Revolutionary traditions behind the First Amendment.

Assange, in rebuffing the claim of being guilty of espionage under the 1917 Espionage Act, used a curious argument that the 1917 Act was an antiquated piece of legislation that applied to legitimately combating espionage during the WW I, but which was no longer applicable. That would be an incorrect interpretation. The 1917 Act, particularly with the amendments of the Sedition Act of 1918, gave wide discretion to the US Attorney General to use it as a means to silence and arrest dissent. The amendments of the Sedition Act were repealed, but the 1917 Act still remains on the books and is trotted out from time to time as a potential hammer to combat whistle blowing as treason. Politicians like Joe Lieberman are advocating essentially restoring the Sedition Act of 1918 as an amendment. The 1917 Espionage Act has never been about ‘espionage” and, unfortunately, it is hardly antiquated…


Novaya Gazeta, Russia’s leading independent newspaper which is headed by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and billionaire Alexander Lebedev, has joined forces with WikiLeaks to expose corruption in the Russian Government. I just have to laugh. I’m left wondering who actually won the “cold war” while concluding that “Glasnost and Perestroika” were much more substantial slogans than our latest American fare, “Change we can believe in.”


Online Real-Time Resources

Greg Mitchell, at The Nation, has a daily Wikileaks blog that is an outstanding source of information to keep up to date on the politics of WikiLeaks. Note: The Nation has been much better on the topic of WikiLeaks than TSA.

The Guardian’s Cablegate section is, of course, the best real-time source to keep up to date on Cablegate.



Glenn Greenwald Reports that the UN is formally launching an investigation into the US detainment of Bradley Manning.

Oh, the irony of American Exceptionalism in the 21st century when 20th century American creations like the UN and the IMF begin to point their guns at their apostate creator.

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