WikiLeaks Watch 12/17/2010

Via press reports, the US Government efforts to manufacture an indictment of Assange that won’t likewise indict a broad swath of the journalistic profession or the general American populace continues to center around portraying Julian Assange as “Mendax” rather than a journalist. A NY Times article yesterday indicated the Justice Department is exploring indicting Assange in a conspiracy with Bradley Manning to hack government computers to obtain classified information. Although “Conspiracy,” of course, is the thinnest of thin “criminal charges” that can be used by ambitious prosecutors to indict anyone at anytime of crimes, I have to laugh at this one. It didn’t take “Mendax” to hack elevated privilege access to obtain the documents in question. These documents were readily available to Bradley Manning via his security clearance. In reading the Manning Chat logs, it seems pretty clear to me that Manning submitted documents to Wikileaks before having any personal correspondence with Assange; the only “conspiracy” I can detect between Manning and Assange is the long period of communications between the two necessary for Manning to verify he was actually communicating with Assange. Manning clearly states he considered himself a “source” for WikiLeaks…


The Tech Press is now noticing that the WikiLeaks domain is active again. If you have been reading my WikiLeaks Watch posts, I reported this last Saturday morning. Reports that the delay in getting DNS restored for the domain centered around procuring DNS providers to avoid a repeat of EveryDNS are not accurate, IMHO. The delay was a piece of political propaganda. The large number of mirror sites that sprung up around the world was exactly the reaction WikiLeaks wanted to happen. They could have easily switched out the Name Servers for the domain immediately after EveryDNS stopped serving DNS requests, but they chose not to. Roughly a week later, they updated the name server data to use their registrar’s name servers,, Dynadot has been the authoritative name server provider for and there has never been any issue with that domain. redirecting to, which is hosted by Heihachi LTD in Russia, the same hosting company that was hosting, is just another game. Btw, no one seems to have picked up on that fact yet.

In case you haven’t noticed, WikiLeaks plays political games…


3 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Watch 12/17/2010

  1. In Norway, the blogger and historian Roy Vega has pointed on Russian tracks in Wikileaks system for quite a time, through Norway, Sweden and Melbourne, Australia. He refer to old patterns from Soviet front organizational structures, and similar, parallel networks built over the last ten years. Running campaigns globally for Wikileaks, Gaza flotilla, G-8 country summits, and campaigns to strengthen problems in Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Great Britain. Still, the networks keep Moscow as a hidden backup, as for the Cold War.

    Vega focusing the strong international design out of a new marxist leninistic political party organization in Melbourne, called Socialist Alliance and its close related LINKS nettwork (International Journal of Socialist Renewal). Working close with “Socialist Left” network (Etstablished 1994) and “European Anti Capitalist Left”.
    In the LINKS network, Boris Yulijevitch Kagarlitsky in Moscow is a very central personality. He is promote campaigns against “Global Warming” and “European Economical Crise(s)”. Another one is Andre Brie in the EU parliament. He represent the old East German communist party, which got a new name after the Berlin Wall was down in 1989.
    An additional person inthe Moscow track is Adam Ermash, a known antisemit, alternating between Sweden and Russia. He represent Wikileaks formally in Putins Russia, and is the father of Johannes Wahlstrom ( known anti semit), who provide the channeling of Wikileaks documents to leftist Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and to the major Norwegian tabloid, Verdens Gang (VG). Contact person in VG is news editor Hilje Solberg, also belonging to the political leftists in Norway.

    Norway, Sweden, Russia and Melbourne in Austeralia is probably key strongholds for the Wikileaks hidden system.

    Harvey I. Mansfield, Winnipeg.

  2. What do you mean by Mendax? A google search provides no good answer…the dictionaries say that a mendax is a liar. I see that it is also a type of computer server, but that doesn’t clarify the legal issue here.

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