A Return of Radical Politics?

It seems you’re having some trouble
In dealing with these changes
Living with these changes
The world is a scary place
Now that you’ve woken up the demon in me

Down with the Sickness

I’m amused but not surprised by this Alexander Palmer impersonation by Mort Zuckerman. That the Editor-in-Chief of US News & World Report has taken to his editorial soapbox to warn of the dire threat “anarchy” now poses to the “World Order” is only a sign of the times; or perhaps a sign of things to come.

In this old post, Broken Government: A Return of Radical Politics at Freedom Democrats, I opined about an impending return of radicalism in American politics. And it’s becoming increasingly clear that this radicalism will be borne out of the American descent into the “censorship regime.” The censorship regime is information control, and in the US, this regime is the marriage of Digital Copyright and the National security State. This marriage creates a input-output positive feedback loop of economic/political rent-seeking so pernicious that you end up with something resembling Richard Stallman’s Right to Read Dystopia, wherein reading becomes a licensing and security classification privilege.

Now by “radical politics” I mean two things:

(1) The breakdown of DoubleThink, that is thought control, rooted in the left-right communitarian cultural war
(2) Direct Action, particularly with respect to the construction of alternative voluntary institutions as a means to deal with Statist failure

Mort Zuckerman’s casting of the “anarchist” threat as digital bomb throwing is not correct. Invoking the ghost of General Palmer vis a vis “Anonymous” DDoS attacks isn’t going to work. The real threat to Zuckerman’s socio-political order is when those coders,IT people, entrepreneurs etc who don’t have their snouts buried in federal contracts begin to realize the need to move authoritative elements of the internet architecture outside any one legal jurisdiction, particularly US legal jurisdiction. This has already started to happen with DNS.

The sudden rise of “No Label” politics into the media conscientious is another sign of the times. “No Label” Politics is not radical politics, rather it is a political class that realizes information control requires DoubleThink thought control and that DoubleThink rooted in left-right cultural war cannot cover up the tyranny of information control.

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