Updated Notes on WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks has changed the authoritative name server info for wikileaks.org at their registrar, Dynadot. They are now using Dynadot’s name servers–ns1.dynadot.com, ns1.dynadot.com–as authoritative for the Domain.

A Dig trace on wikileaks.org now returns an IP Address of, which is an address a Dynadot web host(It should be noted that the actual Datacenter provider is Silicon Valley Web Hosting, which is located in Southern California). The Dynadot web host, however, is not actually hosting the wikileaks web site; it’s been configured to redirect requests for wikileaks.org to mirror.wikileaks.info, which is actually being hosted by Heihachi LTD in Russia. This actually the same hosting provider that was hosting anonops.net(Operation Payback) before it was shut down yesterday.

Speaking of “Anonymous,” Operation Payback is now over. In it’s stead is a new operation, “Operation LeakSpin,” which calls on hackers to become investigative journalists using Document-Sourced Journalism as their sources. The Hactivist DDoS attacks are done…

A final note on Julian Assange. His portrayal by American Media as a desperado on the run doesn’t play out with the facts. It turns out Assange was hiding out at the Frontline Journalist’s Club in London, yukking it up nightly over drinks with London’s best gumshoe reporters. No one gave him up. The notion that Assange is despised by the Journalistic Class only holds true for the Corporate American Media.


2 thoughts on “Updated Notes on WikiLeaks

  1. Glen Greenwald over at Salon.com has had some fantastic pieces on Assange and is extremely critical of the American official state-run media. I’ve really enjoyed reading his stuff over the past couple weeks.

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