Whence this New Modern Social Contract?

Libertarianism, politically, can be cast as a radical liberal critique of the social contract. The libertarian position is that this so-called “social contract” doesn’t survive the class theory critique. TSA is serving as a textbook example of this libertarian critique in real time while also illustrating the absurd lengths Statists are resorting to in terms of rationalizing the TSA in some cloak of a “social contract.”

Case in Point: Ruth Marcus in her Washington Post article,Don’t touch my junk? Grow up, America, informs us by fiat that there is a “modern social contract” afoot. Of course, one might ask whence this “modern social contract”? Who deliberated it? Who signed it? What are the terms?

It’s not difficult to establish a class theory analysis behind TSA and the expansion of the TSA security procedures. However, it’s pretty comical reading the ex post justification of this vis a vis “social contract theory.” Ruth Marcus informs us that the new modern social contract is that information asymmetry regarding your body and health with medical experts(you don’t know if that lump on your body is cancerous, but they do) justifies a public interest in resolving any information asymmetry regarding security(you know that lump under your clothes is not a bomb, but they don’t know). I suppose you can read this as ObamaCare justifying TSA.

Ruth Marcus’ modern social contract, in essence, boils down to an argument that making an appointment with a proctologist thusly opens you up to an anal cavity search by security experts in any type of “public space.” Marcus claim is that the public has no more ability to question the rational basis of security protocols devised by security experts than it has of questioning the rational basis of medical experts telling it that males should have annual prostate examinations after 50 or females should have regular breast examinations. The public doesn’t question the latter; it shouldn’t question the former. So grow up…

My defense of the new procedures assumes that there is some rational basis for the screening madness: that the techniques work and that there is not a less intrusive alternative.

So much for the Progressive contention that Hayek was a crank…

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