Eric Cantor’s “Constitutional Conservatism”

I’m trying to reconcile how Eric Cantor’s actions comport with “constitutional conservativsim.” A favorite new phrase of these yokels is “is it in the constitution?” Well, I can guarantee you that a congressman motivated by his own ideological allegiances to a foreign power to make an informal pact to undermine the Presidential conduct of foreign policy is not in the constitution and could be construed as bordering on that dreaded word “treason.” That Cantor is quoted as saying he represents the Republican party vis a via this pact implies that the GOP is in open conspiratorial revolt against the constitutional separation of powers regarding the Executive branch conduct of foreign policy. Cantor is on record that his own actions should be regarded as criminal. However, in this case, it’s an open criminal conspiracy.

These revelations should actually trigger a “constitutional crises” except for the fact that both parties are dominated by fundamentalist whacknuts who ascribe to American-Israeli exceptionalism. To those partisan tards who claim American politics is a battle between a party reason vs a party of fundamentalism, no it’s not. To those who are still chirping about limited government, the constitution, and the “rule of law,” grow the fuck up…


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