There’s already an App for that

I’m amused by this recent column,Why we need a third party of (radical) centrists, penned by a former Clinton White House flunky turned Media opinion pundit. And the rally cry of this new party?

Anecdotal evidence: Speaking to 400 professionals of all stripes in California the other day, I asked who would be seriously interested in a third major political party. Fiscally conservative, socially liberal. Nearly every hand shot up.

Fiscally conservative, socially liberal. Ah, the David Boaz voter. Well, there’s already an app for that. It’s called the Libertarian Party. However, I don’t think that’s quite the app this guy has in mind. I imagine for a creature of the “radical center,” Fiscally conservative, socially liberal describes the Michael Bloomberg voter. This is the underrepresented voter that pals around with guys who are former Clinton White House alums who now spin opinions at the Washington Post and Bloomberg TV. Blazing the trail carved out by Sam Waterston and Unity08. Time to dust off the caffeine-free, sugar-free Tea and sodium-free Crumpets signs and wave the “Don’t Breathe on Me…” protest flags. We look forward to the provocative signs of “Fiscal Conservatism” with pictures of dead corpses who failed to wear their seat belts.

Long live the radical center…


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