Jim Demint Channeling Selwyn Duke

Jim Demint: You can’t be a Fiscal conservative unless you are a Social Conservative. Same argument Selwyn Duke was making here: “Small government requires Christian morality.”

Frankly, I think a “fiscal conservative” is a fictional creature akin to Bigfoot. We’ve heard tales and stories spun by those who have claimed to encounter this mystical creature, but we have yet to be presented with any empirical proof that such a creature actually exists. But no worry. Social conservatives have a new mantra, built on the back of the Tea Party: Social conservatism in the name of Fiscal Conservatism. Rebranding, bitch. “Libertarianism” in the GOP merely serving to re-legitimize the Social conservative brand.

Of course, “fiscal conservatism,” in and of itself, has little to do with liberty. Once again, I appeal to Bastiat to point out that attempting to legislate a moral foundation for the force of law as justice destroys liberty. From Public Choice, legislating morality, under whatever banner, is always going to impose significant welfare costs on the social order. The Social Conservative State is always going to be a welfare State. This leads to my dictum: “You can’t be Socialist unless you are a Social Conservative.”


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