The Coming Dem Civil War?

Last month, Tom Knapp predicted a civil war in the GOP over the Tea Party. That’s essentially the mainstream pundit view. I took a contrarian position, positing that civil war instead is going to be with the Dems. I wasn’t being a contrarian just for the sake of being one; I’ve seen it coming for two years.

New Associated Press Poll: 47% of Democrats say Obama should be challenged for the 2012 nomination.


2 thoughts on “The Coming Dem Civil War?

    1. It’s just me here. Since this little blog is not advocate of “pragmatic politics,” I’m not sure of the rationale for a link exchange. In reviewing your blog, I don’t agree with much of the posts, from one contributor arguing that the Drug War needs to be ratcheted up in Mexico to your statements that:

      1) Libertarianism greatly favors the rich in society.
      2) Libertarianism is contrary to societal advancement.

      You are right that the American government was not founded on libertarian principles, that the constitution has nothing to do with Laissez Faire; but then you comment that the failure of “19th century American Laissez Faire” empirically disproves the viability of libertarianism. That’s a bit of logical inconsistency that I find all too often.

      Laissez Faire originates from the radical French liberal tradition, and it is born out the radical “bourgeoise” french liberal critique of class conflict(a critique that underlies all modern radical political theories, including socialism/marxism). Laissez Faire means markets free of political privilege, and in it’s most radical form, means the replacement of political economy, and politics itself, with a voluntary social order.

      That’s libertarianism. It’s radical. The argument for this radicalism, from my perspective, is that liberalism(and here I’m talking about a political theory that originates with the likes of Hobbes,Locke, Rousseau) institutionally results in the status quo of permanent war, which leads to authoritarianism. This is not societal advancement.

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