Memo to Bill Maher: Real Time Suckz

Back in the 90s, I was a bit too young and having a little bit too much fun to spend evenings at home watching Maher’s Politically Incorrect on ABC late night. But, when the show was reincarnated on HBO the past decade, I’ve been fairly regular viewer. However, since the election of Obama, the show has steadily become unwatchable. The mixture of comedy and politics, as entertainment, requires some measure of partisan independence to remain effective. Maher’s show, however, has lost that. His guest list is stale, and he is operating under some delusion that regurgitation of DNC talking points passes for entertainment these days.

Maher’s recent movie, Religulous, was a foray into the culture war mocking American religious fundamentalism. But you, know, one can just as easily make a “mockumentary” that travels around the country filming the political fundamentalists who exhibit brains interfaced electronically with Joe Biden’s Outbox. We could call that movie, Politiculous. And Maher would have a featured role. Some, I suppose, would find it entertaining to watch the likes of Maher drone on about the special revelation of “reality-based politics” tied to the written word of Joe Biden’s Outbox. All ye of little faith. We know that TARP, the Stimulus, and the Bailouts prevented Armageddon. If it wasn’t for the GOP, we would be riding the crest of Roosevelt, 1930 utopia. This we know because Joe Biden’s Outbox tells us so.

TARP saved us! This I know,
For Joe Biden’s Outbox tells me so.
Little ones to the State belong;
They are weak, but the State is strong.


Yes, the State loves me!
Yes, the State loves me!
Yes, the State loves me!
Joe Biden’s Outbox tells me so.

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