Contra Greenwald, There’s No Defense of Kos

Allow me to comment briefly on this recent post by Glenn Greenwald defending, to some extent, Kos’ book, American Taliban. I can understand Greenwald’s motivation because it’s clear he understands that the limited, restricted political dialogue is an enabler of the Ruling Class. However, I have no idea why he would use Kos’ book as a platform to make the point. As I pointed out in my previous post below, it is the permanent culture war which drives this restricted, NewSpeak/DoubleThink political discourse to begin with. And Kos has proven himself to be an enthusiastic cultural warrior.

Let’s look at paragraph in the introduction of Kos’ book:

Setting aside the eloquence, the product of trained speechwriter, Bush was right aboout the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. They were murderous ideologues, and they did attack us, in large part, because they hate our freedoms. But let’s be honest, the freedoms the jihadists hate are the very same freedoms that our own homegrown regressive ideolgues hate: freedom of thought, of inquiry, of lifestyle. If America shared the values of the modern conservative movement, there would’ve been little reason for Al Qaeda to attack us. Heck, we would be cultural allies!

Reads to me like he’s accepting and repeating a bunch of right-wing propaganda to try to manufacture some absurd point. However, just to note: al-qaeda has attacked Saudia Arabia, which shares it same cultural values. End of absurd thesis. Put it next to Jonah Goldberg’s claptrap. The end.

However, notice how the cultural war creates a restricted political dialogue. At one time, the political left challenged the idea of “jihadists” and “they hate for our freedoms.” But if Kos is representative of the political left, or at least a significant segment of it, no longer. Foreign policy is thrown out of the discussion and now the debate centers around which party is culturally resilient enough to resist to resist an alliance with al-qaeda and imposition of Sharia law. This is comedic absurdity.

And it should be noted that religious fundamentalism is in both parties. There’s a putrid strain of religious Jewish fundamentalist Zionism in the dem party, and if I had to name the two most whacked out religious fundamentalists in congress, I would name Lieberman and Schumer.

If you read an earlier post of mine, Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan, you will note that the Taliban was an artificial western political class construction. The same goes for al-qaeda. In fact, there’s western political class fingerprints behind much of the so-called “jihadism” in the “permanent war” battlefields. That’s the book that you should be reading. Rest assured, that’s not Kos’ book…

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