Why I’m not a Social Democrat

Although I consider myself a liberal, I’m not a social democrat because I consider politics to be much more about legitimizing means to steal other people’s money than about solving coordination problems. This observation thus makes me a liberal and a libertarian. In my opinion, a libertarian is someone who embraces liberal ends, both in terms of liberty and egalitarianism, while rejecting political means. The so-called “social contract” is nothing more than political mysticism invoked to justify legal theft.

Okay, that’s the libertarian position. You can be a liberal and reject such a libertarian critique against politics. That is, you can be a liberal and a social democrat. I will concede that point. However, you really can’t be a social democrat if you reject the legitimacy of political viewpoints that differs from your own, or reject the legitimacy of any political opposition that you consider “unreasonable.” In such a case, you need to take “democrat” out of “social democrat,” leaving just “social,” which is something that has some bad implications historically concerning the exercise of power.

Case in point: Markos Moulitsas’ new book depicting his political enemies as monsters.

If political adversaries are monsters, then exactly how can you advocate for “social democracy?”

Let me reference Rachel Maddow’s review:

It isn’t possible to understand American politics now without understanding the worldview and arguments of Markos Moulitsas.

Is American politics understood as a brave struggle of the peoples’ Democratic Party against the illegitimacy of conservative politics, or is Kos’ book more of a partisan hack ripoff of an opposing hack’s laughable diatribe(Jonah Goldberg) to convince us that the American political struggle is kos’ ability to retain his status as an inner party profiteer? And let’s not overlook Maddow herself, who has enjoyed her own little ride from so-called progressive war critic to Inner Party Pravda cheerleader for the State war machine.

I’m not a social democrat because I damn well know that what is in kos’, maddow’s, pelosi’s, obama’s, bush’s, cheney’s, limbaugh’s, o’reilly’s best interest is not in my own best interest. And it’s a scary thought to ponder the world’s greatest military empire being underlain by this profitable, competitive politics of illegitimacy.


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