Libertarian Tolerance

I’m amused by J Neil Schulman’s Libertarian Tolerance Test post.

I consider libertarianism to be a social theory. Libertarians, or at least radical libertarians, ascribe to liberal ideals while rejecting the State as institutional means to achieve such ideals. The State is not an enforcer of liberal justice, rather it is a enforcer of legal theft wrapped in the babble about liberal justice.

As a social theory, I would contend libertarianism probably doesn’t have much of a prospect if it’s intended to be a social theory for a coven of cannibals. In this regard, I plead conformity to social convention. And I don’t think the State is particularly necessary to guard against an epidemic of this social practice breaking out. Frankly, Schulman’s post, which I gather is supposed to be some profound challenge to libertarian justice, simply reminds me of the type of drivel spouted by a Cliff Kincaid or a Mike Huckabee.

I have a real horror scenario for you. What species is the only predator of humans? Why, that would actually be humans. Imagine the horror of being hunted by a group of coordinating psychopaths with unlimited resources? Why, that would be politics. That’s the type of horrific scenario that libertarians should have little tolerance for…


2 thoughts on “Libertarian Tolerance

  1. Personally, I consider it a poor choice from the C4SS to publish such a weird article when their purpose is outreach. I don’t want people thinking about that kind of crazy stuff and associating it with anarchism. Plus, Schulman has demonstrated he’s a blowhard on more than one occasion.

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