Conservatives’ Worst Figure in American History is the most Libertarian Modern President

I present you American History’s Greatest Monster:

Now, it should be noted that Ivan Eland, of The Independent Institute, in his recent book, Recarving Rushmore, ranked this monster, on a “Peace, Prosperity & Liberty scale,” as the most libertarian modern president and #8 overall.

Matt Lewis laments our “broken politics.” Well, I got news for you, neither the political left nor right views the other as legitimate. Of course, the radical libertarian views both as illegitimate and indeed regards politics itself as illegitimate. From a libertarian perspective, the sad fact is that history rewards our most “libertarian presidents” with either obscurity or a curse. And I’m not overlooking one Thomas Jefferson in this discussion. Eland, using deeds not words as the basis for his PP&L index, ranks Mr. Jefferson rather poorly. The “most libertarian president” according to Eland’s index is John Tyler. And for that honor, Mr. Tyler likely earns the honor of being one of the more inconspicuous figures of American History.


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