Michael Moynihan’s Continued Flawed Logic Concerning Wikileaks

This is an addendum to my earlier post regarding Michael Moynihan’s critique of Wikileaks as a journalistic organization.

Moynihan has since updated his critique to support his case vis a vis the criticism now emanating from the likes of Amnesty International. In particular, the issue at hand is the claim of so-called Wikileaks exposure of US Intelligence assets in Afghanistan. Moynihan continues to erroneously make the case that lack traditional of institutional support of Wikileaks, particularly by those institutions that Moynihan keeps babbling about that should be ideologically aligned with Wikileaks, invalidates Wikileaks journalistic institutional standing.

Let me put in clear terms that even someone as apparently obtuse as Moynihan can understand. Wikileaks is not a journalistic institution by virtue of any traditional institutional consensus. Wikileaks is a journalistic institution by virtue of it’s government sources, by virtue of the fact that government sources are leaking documents to it. When Moynihan writes that Assange “isn’t the guy I want as the representative of government transparency,” it should be quite clear that the type of “institution” that Moynihan prefers is exactly the type of institution that government sources wouldn’t leak documents to. In case anyone is not reading carefully, Moynihan’s argument boils down to a lack of favorable official institutional consensus thusly strips Wikileaks of any legal protections. Hence, Moynihan will crow about Amnesty International suddenly parroting the pentagon talking points while pointing out that Swedish officials have started chirping about Wikileak sources not being protected by Swedish privacy laws. This, of course, is just mere coincidence, having nothing at all do with US Pressure. No doubt…

Frankly, the US Government has no moral high ground when it comes to intelligence assets. It is beyond dispute that George Bush and Dick Cheney publicly leaked the identity of an intelligence asset for explicit political, ideological purposes. Power in the State operates above the State’s own laws. I’m pretty sure Julian Assange knows this. I’m also pretty sure that whatever “Ministry of Justice” or “Dept. of Justice” that the likes of Moynihan appeal to knows this, too.

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