Julian Assange Interview at Antiwar Radio

I haven’t seen this promoted in the libertarian blogosphere: Julian Assange’s recent interview at Antiwar Radio. It actually follows an interview with Daniel Ellsberg, who is a fairly frequent guest.

Up to now, Assange has been a fairly cryptic regarding his political views; but that is starting to change. Assange, in his public role, has subtly shifted from enigmatic hacker to activist and advocate. It is obvious now that he holds strong antiwar views. In addition to the obvious crypto-libertarian sentiment that frames the WikiLeaks mission statement, it’s probably safe to conjecture that Assange holds more general anarchist views. WikiLeaks has begun to bill itself as a global but stateless news media organization that employs an infrastructural redundancy so that no government can shut it down. Suffice to say, the United States is not part of this network infrastructure. It looks to be primarily spread out among various European jurisdictions that have fairly robust privacy laws. In this sense, the rise of the Pirate Party in Sweden, which at one time was viewed as nothing more than a novel oddity, begins to take on real significance.

In the antiwar radio interview, Assange confirms that Wikileaks does have video of the 2009 Granai airstrike, which killed a number of Afghan civilians, and will release it upon completion of the complex task of editing it in conjunction with the apparently large number of field reports that they also posses that document the operation.

Assange further gives some clarification about the recent stories that hit press that rumored he was concerned about being the target of CIA black bag operation. Assange says he was never worried about the CIA being after him. However, he was contacted by Seymour Hersh and other non-journalistic sources in the US government who were concerned about the private rhetoric being expressed by some within the government. Emmanuel Goldstein, editor of 2600(the famous hacker mag) which sponsors the Hope hacker conference that Assange was scheduled to speak at, has publicly stated that the Feds were waiting for Assange if he had shown up.

Assange indicates that the private rhetoric within the government, which I gather to mean the private sentiment being expressed within the intelligence agencies, has cooled down. However, the rhetoric of the politicians hasn’t cooled down, particularly in the congress. I’ve heard idiots, from both the Democratic and Republican side, babble about how he should be tried for treason. Apparently the crime of treason against the United States is no longer tied to citizenship. I’m sure some of those fucks would love to pass that law, but I imagine they probably just get off by hearing the word said out loud. In any event, don’t expect Julian Assange to be setting foot in the “land of the free” anytime soon.


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