Mussolini vs The Taliban

While eating dinner, I flipped the TV on in the middle of Chris Matthews ranting about the need to for a National ID Card and barking out loud about who stands in the way of this “progress”(he got the Obama talking points for the day, apparently). The “civil libertarians” he rhetorically screeched, sounding we were akin to something that needs to be taken out back and duly done away with. Out of disgust, I turned to to Glenn Beck to find him hosting another show with a murderers row of the religious right, including two paragons of limited government and libertarianism, Ralph Reed and John Hagee. I caught about 30 seconds of John Hagee babbling about the “founding fathers” being fundamentalist Christians and America originally being a Christian nation with no separation between church and state before I flipped it to ESPN and trudged over to the toilet to vomit.

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