Hold off on the Cheers

Regarding McDonald vs Chicago, which a great number of libertarians are hailing. I hate to be a potential party pooper here, but when the cheering subsides, it should probably be pointed out the Supreme Court, in fact, incorporated a “privilege” and not a “right.” The fact is, much of the country(at the State and local level) has been moving toward liberalized gun laws for some time. This decision, mark my words, is going to end up precipitating federal legislation that is going to apply a uniform standard for the privilege to own guns, what type of guns, how many guns, what guns can be carried concealed, that is likely, in the aggregate, going to be much more burdensome than most State laws. Oh, and you are going to be registering this privilege with the DHS in the future. Yes, there will be few that benefit from this decision, specifically those like McDonald that live in enclaves of brain dead liberalism(it is these enclaves which are going to try to skirt this decision with prohibitive burdens which is going to spark federal legislation), but most might want to hold off on the cheering. If you live in, say, Texas or New Hampshire, should you really be celebrating the national Incorporation of a privilege where the burdens and obligations can now be imposed by congress? The federal lobbying wars over the burdens and obligations attached to this privilege will not likely be good news for libertarians. Libertarians suck at chess…

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