The Keg Party

In the past, (some) libertarians have often complained about the word “liberal” being expropriated(and soiled) by modern liberalism(which, btw, I don’t think is really true), and, now, I suppose, libertarians can gripe about conservative expropriation of the term “tea party.” So, now libertarians, to differentiate themselves from conservative statists when holding grassroots protests, will have to come up with a new term. I would suggest the term “Keg Party,” which sounds much more fun, and, frankly, is a term much more germane to today’s context given the explosion of the homebrewing movement. So, invite the homebrewers and throw a party where you can actually drink the symbol of your protest rather than tossing it; invite live bands and have a real party. Live out the motto of this new libertarian keg party movement, “smashing the State for fun and profit.” We will never have to worry about Republican blue hairs crashing this party, and the likes of Chris Matthews will have to be content with producing shows like “The Rise of the New Hippies,” wherein he is reduced to pontificating about the growing National Security threat these parties, that refuse to card for Ids, pose to the peoples institutions of the Presidency and the Department of Homeland Security.

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