Keith Olbermann: An Ally of Radical Libertarianism

Regarding this post by Roderick Long who notes Keith Olbermann’s metamorphosis from watchdog to lapdog; it appears Olbermann is now using his “worst person” segments to call for a GOP political candidate to be arrested and imprisoned for Treason. Well now, you can just about count with your hands the number of people who have actually been convicted of this crime during US history. 18 cases, more or less all bunched around specific events, either the Whiskey Rebellion, the Civil War, WWII, and more recently, the WOT(It should be noted that libertarians consider John Brown and Aaron Stevens to be heroes).

In case you didn’t know, both the partisan political right and political left generally don’t view each other as legitimate, if you go by their rhetoric. This in itself serves to de-legitimatize politics as any collective expression. Media lapdogs taking turns pontificating about criminalizing partisan political speech as “treason” only further serves to de-legitimize politics. Once we cycle through all the partisan hack lapdog tally of who is guilty of being an enemy of the State, we find that everyone is guilty. The collective political expression is that everyone is a traitor. The collective political verdict is that we all deserve death. This is social democracy in America. Radical Libertarianism could use more Keith Olbermann’s, Bill O’Reilly’s and Sean Hannity’s to make the counter case against politics. They are valuable allies in the libertarian argument for a de-politicized society.

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