Democratic Party Establishment

Even though I am contributor at Freedom Democrats and have substantial agreement with the other contributors in terms of a philosophical approach to libertarianism, I just have to say, man, I don’t share their optimism about the Dem Party being the last great hope for liberty.

Case in point: Chuck Schumer. I consider Schumer to be an another corporate liberal pinhead; however, I didn’t know he was a religious fanatic, who cites disbelief in King David and the Torah as a rationale for Israel to use coercion,economic blockades, and strategic starvation to force the Palestinians to vote the way Israel wants them to vote. Glenn Greenwald provides the details.

Forgive me if I’m not too particularly interested in this motherfucker, a crook to begin who is awash in wall street monopoly money, who is a hard-core national security statist who is pushing legislation to have all us stamped and monitored in order to receive permission to make a living, having any political authority over my life. These statements are grounds for war crimes. As Juan Cole puts it, this is an example of the Nazi terror technique of Sippenhaft.

Of course, Schumer’s statements don’t validate the Republicans as any better alternative. Indeed, Bush recently admitted to War Crimes with a shrug of shoulder in public, obviously unconcerned about any repercussions. I’m just amazed to the extent that public professions of a rogue state are accepted in public discourse. Indeed, to dispute any of this makes you some sort of extremist. Of course, what we are seeing is a predictable consequence of the permanent war. War is health of the State. Permanent war is the health of the Rogue State. I’m dumbfounded the likes of Hillary Clinton can say things like citizenship, basic rights are privileges afforded by the State. Frankly, if the Dem Party establishment is the last great hope for liberty, then it’s time to run for the hills.

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