Rand Paul: Small Government but Big Church

I think someone at Secular Daily news read my my earlier post at FD deconstructing Rand Paul 2.0. The author notes Paul’s increasingly cozy relationship with the religious right(and elements of Christian Reconstructionism) and correctly infers the crux of Paul’s political philosophy:

His apparent proposition describes the creation of a people’s government of less authority dominated by a non-democratic religious government with increased authority.

As I wrote:

a clear line that seems to emerge from Rand Paul is that he sees the role of the State primarily as enforcing cultural normality. In that respect he’s sees a strong role for the State, even an authoritative role. That’s not libertarianism. In fact, it strikes me more along the lines of some variant of Christian Reconstructionism.

Defenders of Paul typically either invoke “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” or an “11th dimensional chess” apologetic, but, I as wrote last year, I don’t believe in 11 dimensional chess. And what Paul advocates is not “the Good,” only the Good for some. It’s liberty for me, but not for thee…

Note: This post was originally meant to be posted at Freedom Democrats, but due to technical problems, I am currently unable to stay logged into my account over there to actually post content.


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