Political Philosophy Quiz

The Center for a Stateless Society has a new quiz online designed to measure political ideology around 5 axes instead of the usual two(left/right). Here is my result below.

67% Economic Leftist (Economic Leftist / Economic Rightist)
88% Anarchist (Anarchist / Statist)
100% Anti-Militarist (Anti-Militarist / Militarist)
83% Socio-Cultural Liberal (Socio-Cultural Liberal / Socio-Cultural Conservative)
83% Civil Libertarian (Civil Libertarian / Civil Authoritarian)

If I had to describe myself politically, a decent summary would be Chomsky on foreign policy/empire, Adam Smith/Hayek(the scottish tradition) on economics, Henry George when it comes to land, Bastiat when it comes to law, de jasay when it comes to politics, and radical french liberal tradition in terms of class analysis. This puts me squarely within the radical libertarian tradition. The political quiz above more or less accurately measures this.

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